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Model: ACON LED Highbay Fixtues

LED Highbay FittingsLED Highbay FittingsLED Highbay Fittings

To make the lighting special, we first commit to understand the space.

Lighting is one of the most critical factor for an industrial space. The ACON LED Highbay Fixture with its retractable channels has an arrangement of focusing the beam pattern in the direction you want for superior focus and directivity.

The ACON LED High-bay Fixtures are designed for high-performance, energy efficient and long lasting large-area LED lighting which enhances maximum energy saving and at the same time delivers maximum light output.

Model Substitute For Energy Saving against Sodium Energy Saving against Mercury Dimension
ACON 25W LED HB  70W HPSV /  125W HPMV 70% 85% Length   - 235 mm 
Breadth - 200 mm Height   - 102 mm 
ACON 50W LED HB 150W HPSV / 250W HPMV 70% 80%
ACON 75W  LED HB 250W HPSV / 400 HPMV 75% 90%
  • Features
    • Up to 90% Energy Saving
      Highly Energy Efficient
    • Specially matched Composite lens for LEDs
      Optimum Spread & focus of Light
    • Retractable Channels
      Best directivity & uniformity
    • Covers a vast area
      Few Fixtures required
    • Over 70,000 hours of optimal operational life
      Long Life, No Maintenance
    • No Mercury or other Heavy Metals
      Eco-Friendly Luminaire
    • Great Visual Efficiency
      Best Clarity & Precision
      Zero Maintenance
  • Technical Specifications
    • Parameter ACON LED Highbay Advantages
      Operating Voltage 230 VAC Most Durable
      Mains Frequency 50 Hz Most Durable
      Total Circuit Power 25W / 50W / 75W Highly Energy Efficient
      LEDs American/European Power LEDs More Light & Life
      LED Driver circuit  Constant current type Long Life of LEDs
      Durable Voltage Range 170 – 270 VAC Most Durable
      Constant Current driver efficiency 80% Highly Efficient
      Casing Extruded Aluminum or CRC Sheet, with high thermal conductivity strengthened with external heat sink Efficient Heat Dissipation which leads to longer life of LEDs
      Channels Adjustable Better Focus & Directivity
      Degree Adjustable Best Uniformity along the road
      Power factor > 0.95 As per Indian & International Standards
      Harmonics (THD) < 30 %  As per Indian & International Standards
      Life > 70,000 Hours Long Life, No Maintenance
      Guarantee 5 Years Faster Payback
  • Optional Features
    • Power Factor > 0.98
    • Harmonics (THD) < 10 %
  • Application
    • Industrial Areas
    • Factories & Godowns
    • Power Stations
    • Malls
    • Exhibition Halls
    • Sports Stadiums
  • Installation
    • Ceiling Mounting Arrangement
    • Suspension via hook or chains